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                    Products > DNA Nucleic Acid Stain > DSViewTM Nucleic Acid Stain(M7011)

                    DSViewTM Nucleic Acid Stain(M7011)

                    Item No: M7011            

                    Size: 1ml



                    DSViewTM is a new nucleic acid stain, and alternative to the traditional ethidium bromide (EB) stain for detecting nucleic acid in agarose gels. It emits green fluorescence when bound to DNA or RNA. This new stain has two fluorescence excitation maxima. When bound to nucleic acid, one centered at 267 nm and another at 294 nm. In addition, it has one visible excitation at 491nm. The Fluorescence emission of GoldViewTM bound to DNA is centered at 530 nm.  


                    Store at 4℃ for 2 years.


                    1.Prepare 100 ml of agarose gel solution (concentration from 0.8~2%) in a 250 ml flask and mix it throughly. Place the flask in the microwave, heat it until the solution is completely clear and no small floating particles are visible(about 2~3 minutes).

                    2.Add 2-5μl of GoldViewTM to the gel solution. Swirl the flask gently to mix the solution and avoid forming bubbles.

                    3.While the gel solution cools, pour it into the gel tray until the comb teeth and immersed about 1/4~1/2 into the gel solution.

                    4.Allow the agarose gel to cool until solidified. Load samples on the gel and perform electrophoresis.

                    5.Detect the bands under UV illumination.


                    1.The thickness of the gel should be less than 0.5cm since thick gels may decrease sensitivity.

                    2.Repeated melting of the gels containing DSViewTM may result in low sensitivity.

                    3.DSViewTM allows visualization of DNA (>10ng) in the agarose gel under visible light. This eliminates the need for exposure to UV light, which can nick and damage DNA. The intact DNA fragments purified from agarose gel can increase the efficiency of subsequent molecular molecular biology manipulations such as cloning, transformation and transcription.

                    4.   DSViewTM may irritate skin and eyes. Please wear gloves while handling.

                    1. Sensitivity detection of DSViewTM under UV transmission(wave length 300nm


                    2. Sensitivity detection of EB under UV transmission(wave length 300nm

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