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                    Products > Electrophoresis Buffer > 10×TBE Buffer(M9031)

                    10×TBE Buffer(M9031)

                    (Tris-Borate-EDTA), 10X Concentrate 
                    Molecular Biology Grade

                    10X liquid concentrate can be used to easily prepare a 0.5X working 
                    solution by diluting with distilled, deionized water. 

                    pH (1x Concentrate) @ 25°C : 8.2-8.4
                    UltraPure Components
                    Protease, DNAse, RNAse free

                    TBE buffer is commonly used in all DNA electrophoresis applications (both 
                    for acrylamide and for agarose gels), including sequencing. In general, TBE
                    buffer offers better resolution of fragments less than 1,500bp; TBE is better 
                    suited for high-voltage (>150V) electrophoresis because of its higher buffering 
                    capacity and lower conductivity than TAE.

                    Prepare a Working Solution of TBE
                    TBE should be diluted to 0.5X prior to use in electrophoresis.
                    Please change the buffer regularly.

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