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                    Products > Electrophoresis Buffer > 20x Swift DNA Electrophoresis Buffer(M9011)

                    20x Swift DNA Electrophoresis Buffer(M9011)


                    Molecular Biology Grade

                    pH (1x Concentrate) @ 25°C : 8.2-8.4
                    UltraPure Components
                    Protease, DNAse, RNAse free

                    Fast: finish your experiment in less than 10 min
                    High resolution: the resolution on a 0.8% agarose gel is equivalent with that on a 2% agarose gel
                    High recovery rate: DNA agarose gel extraction rate is 3x higher than TAE or TBE agarose gel, and generate lower heat.

                    Prepare a Working Solution
                    20x liquid should be diluted to 1x working solution with distilled, deionized water.
                    Recommended Voltage:
                    20 V/cm
                    Recommended concentrate of agarose gel: 0.8%

                    Please change the buffer regularly.

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