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                    Products > Virus-related Products > One-step Probe RT-qPCR Kit V5001 200RXN

                    One-step Probe RT-qPCR Kit V5001 200RXN


                    The One-step Probe RT-qPCR Kit is designed for quantitative PCR detection using RNA as a template, such as RNA viruses. Using gene-specific primers (GSP), reverse transcription and qPCR reactions are performed in a single tube, requiring no additional tube opening/pipetting, significantly increasing detection throughput and reducing the risk of contamination. This Kit introduced dUTP/UDG system. Heat-labile UDG can rapidly degrade the pollutants containing U at room temperature. When reverse transcription is performed at 55°C, heat-labile UDG will be inactivated rapidly without affecting the efficiency and sensitivity of RT-qPCR. Integrating the superior performance of Reverse Transcriptase and hot-start Taq DNA Polymerase, with the optimized buffer system, the detection sensitivity of One-step Probe RT-qPCR Kit can reach 0.1 pg total RNA or <10 copies of RNA template. The kit is available as a convenient Master Mix. 2 × One-step U+ Mix contains an optimized buffer system and dNTP/dUTP Mix, which is suitable for high-specificity detection systems with fluorescent labeled probes such as TaqMan?. This product is perfectly compatible with common quantitative PCR instruments, such as ABI, Roche, Bio-Rad, etc.



                    ? Probe gene expression analysis

                    ? Probe Low-copy gene detection

                    ? Probe microarray validation

                    ? Probe gene knockdown validation



                    ? One-step RT-qPCR

                    ? This kit is suitable for fluorescence quantification by probe method

                    ? This kit is compatible with many real-time systems

                    ? Hot-start technology brings high specificity and reproducible amplification

                    ? dUTP/UDG system, effectively prevent PCR product contamination

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