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                    Warmly Celebration to Dongsheng Biotech Won The ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification
                    Column:Company News Time:2017-08-02
                    August 2, 2017, Dongsheng Biotech successfully through the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) certification.

                        Guangzhou Dongsheng Biotech has established a production and management system in line with world standards. July 2017, the British Standard Institution (BSI) in accordance with national standards and relevant laws and regulations on the enterprise's marketing, raw material procurement, product production, quality control, market research and development, logistics links, warehousing conditions and other related departments and work site conducted a comprehensive, detailed audit. The audit team highly appreciates the company's current establishment and implementation of the quality management system and pragmatic, rigorous work style. Some constructive comments and suggestions were also made. 

                        As early as in 2010, Dongsheng Biotech has passed ISO9001:2005 quality certification. The ISO9001:2015 certification shows that Dongsheng Biotech has formed a more perfect operation and quality management system.

                    BSI is a world-cass certification institution, its certification has a great authority. Dongsheng Biotech selects the most stringent certification institution - BSI embodies the company's determination of insisting on quality-first.

                    This certification marks the transition to international management and quality standard operating system, and also marks the new development stage of Dongsheng Biotech.

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